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Lyminge Village Hall closed due to Covid-19

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Built in 1981 with generous public donations and grants, Lyminge Village Hall stands on a spacious plot at the edge of the main village. A large tarmac parking area with 4 dedicated disabled spaces encircles the Hall on two levels and provides ample parking for the many community events held there, including the regular Judo Club, Short Mat Bowls Club, Youth Group, Dramatics Society productions and Pre-school. The Hall also holds archives for the Parish Council and the Lyminge Historical Society. The Hall’s location ideally lends itself to music, wedding, or drama functions and the large Jubilee Field to the rear holds regular sports and community events e.g. Bonfire Night and the Preschool's Party in the Park. There is also a purpose built skate park and tennis courts on the Jubilee Field site.

The Hall was envisaged and built to support and provide facilities for all the people of Lyminge Parish and as such, we fully intend to make it our mission to promote this; the Hall is an ideal venue for large or small functions providing spacious well-equipped facilities for all events. We welcome enquiries regarding hire of the Hall and its facilities.


The village hall can be hired on a regular basis for activities and for private functions. The hall offers excellent facilities that include:

  1. A large main hall which holds a seated audience of 200 persons, table seating for 100, and dancing space for 200.
  2. The Harry Storey Room is a smaller hall which can table seat 50 and is ideal as an extension to the main hall for events such as weddings, family parties, or used on its own for demonstrations and small exhibitions.
  3. Kitchen:
    • This has crockery and cutlery for 100 people
    • Hot Water Urn
    • 2 x electric double oven with 4 ring hob cookers
    • Microwave Oven
    • Small Refrigerator
  4. Toilets
  5. Kitchen/Bar Areas
    • Both have hatched service serving areas.


Call us on 0749 7625 741 or send an email to
Please leave a message with your request and contact details and our booking secretary will be happy to get back to you to discuss your individual requirements. 

Clubs and Societies

Lyminge Village Hall hosts a variety of Clubs and events. If you would like to set up a regular club, society or activity and want to hold it in the village hall then please Contact Us.

  • Lyminge Pre School (for under 5s) (
  • Lyminge Dramatic Society (
  • Short Mat Bowls Club (Tuesday and Thursday evenings)
  • Judo (Monday evenings Contact Craig Munn : 01303 863149)
  • Lyminge Youth Club (Wednesday evenings Term time. Contact Gary Harrison : 07977 982185 or find the website @
  • Lyminge Historical Society hold their archive here. For more information contact

Upcoming Events for 2020

Due to the Covid-19 all upcoming Village Hall events are currently postponed until further notice.

Saturday 18th April: Spring Garage Safari - organised by the Lyminge Association: There will be a table top sale, refreshments and free parking at the Village Hall. To book a garage or table in the village hall pick up a form from Snippers and Clippers Hairdressers on Station Road, Lyminge from 16th March.

Saturday 25th April: Lyminge Association Spring Quiz Night. Details to follow in the newsletter.

Wednesday 27th May: Lyminge Parish Council will be hosting a Parish Meeting open to all members of the parish to find out about and discuss what's going on in our Parish.

Saturday 6th June: Lyminge Bioblitz! Lyminge Climate Action will host this fun community event open to all. Gain new skills and knowldge as you explore our local habitats alongside wildlife experts. Help us to compile a list of all the species by recording what you find. This baseline survey will help us identify what steps we can take to improve biodversity in the Parish, build an action plan and evidence our progress over time. 

Saturday 4th July: Lyminge Association 50th Anniversary Celebration. At the heart of our community the Lyminge Assoication organise our newsletter, garage and garden safaris, Queen's jubilee celebrations, Christmas lights and so much more. Come and join them to celebrate their own silver jubilee in style!

Saturday 11th July: Cantores Dominicae Summer Prom

Review of recent events

Happy New Year! The Hall has already seen it's first Climate Action meeting of the year with plans afoot for lots of action inspired community events to help us tackle the Climate Crisis as we eneter the new decade - see above. 

Rounding off 2019 the newly formed  Lyminge Climate Action Group led an inspring Tree Planting Event on 7th December around the Hall and beyond. Then to finish the year Sam and her team ran the Christmas Day Lunch Club to ensure no-one need to have Christmas alone. The Hall looked stunning and as always lots of volunteers piched in to cook  and serve up the food as well as transport guests to and from the Hall.

Unfortunatly we had some sad news at the end of the year as the Lyminge Dramatic Society (one of the founding societies listed in our constitution) closed their curtain for the final time, announcing their intention to disband as of 31st December. They have succummed to what many small community groups face,  a shortage of members with time to organise those fabulous productions. We are privilaged to have had such fine amateur dramatics productions performed in our community for so many years -  they will be sadly missed. It can only be hoped that perhaps in time the Society can be revived or indeed perhaps we will see some of the leading characters take on other guises to support performances by other organisations...

It's quite something to reflect back on all the events of 2019 from concerts to quizzes. Our annual fireworks display on 3rd November was very lucky to go ahead, escaping the worst of the weather that flooded out other local displays. An effort was made this year to reduce the impact of local residents and their animals by having a "low noise" display. We have had a mixed reponse to this and would welcome all feedback via eamil or on our facebook page to help us decide on the best course of action for 2020.

The autumn saw a new chapter in the life of Lyminge with the creation of the Lymimge Climate Action Group and the Village Hall has acted as a key focal point for people to meet. Prompted by the inspiration talk from Cllr Owen Standen about the Climate Emergency, which took place in August, local residents got together at the Hall in October to discuss what actions we can take as a community. A growing number of residents have been galvanised to form small working groups in areas they feel passionate about (food, biodiversity, planning and development, transport, communication and people). The first steps have been taken by the appropriately named "Stepping Stones" biodiversity group, who have rotavated areas of the "bumpy field" between the Hall and the Church and planted wildlflower seed mixes to help our pollinators. We also hosted our first Rie-fill station in November, where people popped along the Harry Storey room to refill plastic bottles with shampoos and detergents rather than buy new ones (6-7pm on 1st Thursday of every month). 

Back in the summer the fabulous Lyminge Festival was a busy few weeks in June with LVH very much at the heart of the activities. The first festival weekend kicked off with the Lyminge Dramatics putting on a show of peotry, prose and song with a "Summer Holiday" theme on Friday and Saturday evening and the Hythe Town Concert Band concert on Sunday afternoon. The following weekend we had first Barn Dance with local live barn dance/ceilh band "Whirling Skirmish". Great fun was had by all! As well as being great community events both the LDS show and the LVH barn dance raised money for charitable causes; the Goodchild Foundation supporting education in the The Gambia and the crowdfunding campaign to raise money for Jack's electric wheelchair in Elham. Many thanks to the Lyminge Association and in particlar Penny for organising the whole programme!

2019 kicked off with our usual Music Bingo evening which is always well attended and great fun. It blows away those winter blues and raised funds jointly for LVH and Lyminge school PFA. The Short Mat Bowls held their annual tournament in late February and are still a tour de force in the league! Spring really got going in March and April when the Lyminge Association brought back the ever popular Hythe Town Concert Band for a rousing Step into Spring Concert at the start of March and then ran their Quiz night in April the same night as the busy spring Garage Safari. May was dominated my the elections with the Hall being used for polling several times.












Village Hall News

We are all looking forward to an eventful 2019. Already we have lots of community events listed here on our website for the coming year. We are reallly pleased to see popular events from previous years returning, starting with the LVH Music Bingo, (this year however we are raising fund for a little girl from the local primary school) and Lyminge Association's Hythe Concert band show in February as well as the Cantores Dominicae Prom to look forward to in July. We also hope there will also be new and exciting events as part of the Lyminge Midsummer Festival (more details to follow). We are also happy to report the again acting on feedback from the public, LVH is teaming up with the Lyminge Associaton to provide space and refreshments for the spring Garage Safari again this year. Private bookings are also flooding with half a dozen wedding receptions and numberous birthday parties already booked in for 2019.  

Over the Christmas break we have managed to squeeze in some much needed maintenance work. So thanks to David our handyman for that. Sadly we has some antisocial damage to our outside guttering that had to be repaired as well as getting some of the paintwork touched up and acting on feedback, the sign commemerating the Hall's opening is back up in the entrance foyer. There is still more to do and we plan to post some dates of LVH maintenance days when we hope users and committee members will be getting together to do some additional cleaning and tidying as well as making ourselves available to meet potential new LVH volunteers.

Looking back over 2017: The Lyminge Oktoberfest and Lyminge Fireworks Display in autumn 2017 were both really successful events; providing lots of fun and entertainment for the public and raising a significant amount (over £2500) to go towards improvements to the Hall. We are already planning and booking next years events and look forward to enjoying and supporting some of the other wonderful community events happening this November.

Thank you to all members of the Parish who came along the Hall in June to support the AGM. A big thank you to all our Trustees, user group representatives and supporters over the past year. Happily we  are welcomed a potential new trustee Lyubka Atanasova onto our fundrasing team and Sort Mat Bowls have appointed a new representative Jill Backwell. We also owe thanks to David Tulett for all his help with our maintenance and health and safety inspections over the last six months.

The Trustees of Lyminge Village Hall currently are: Owen Standen (Chairperson), Jane Michotte (Vice-Chair), Kate Kellett (Treasurer), Tina Goldup (Fundraising), Vicky Haley (Fundraising and minute secretary) and Sandra Luck who has taken over as  Preschool representative trustee. As we have currently only filled six of the nine available trustee roles we do have potential to co-opt additional committee members. If anyone wishes to support the management of the village hall please do email

Your elected trustees wish to ensure the widest possible communication of all activities at the Village Hall through our website, facebook page and the Lyminge newsletter. We would welcome all Parish members to join and contribute to any of the sub committee's invovled in running the Hall. In particular we are looking for people to help with our fundraising and maintainance subcommittees. If you feel you can help in any way please contact us through the booking line, email or via a message on our facebook page.

Hall Caretaker
At the moment the responsibility for opening and locking up the Hall to hirers is shared amongst the regular users and committee members. However we would welcome applications from local members of the Parish who feel that they could support the running of the Hall on a regular basis by acting as a key holder and supervising the day to day upkeep of the Hall. If you are interested in this role please contact Kate by email on

Red Dragon I.T. Ltd. is the first of what we plan will be many local sponsors and if you are a local business like Red Dragon I.T. Ltd. and you want to support, and be supported by, your village hall please contacted the trustees via the websites contact form.



Get In Touch

If you wish to make an enquiry regarding possible hiring of the Hall, please contact:

Kate Kellett on 0749 7625 741

Or send an email to or


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